Truth, Lies & the Times We Live In


“Warning” watercolor and pencil by Sarah Sutro


Truth, Lies & the Times We Live In

With solo and group shows in Boston, New York, San Diego, Berkeley, Belgrade, Bangkok, Montenegro, Dhaka, and London, Sarah Sutro’s work is collected locally and internationally.  She has been a faculty over many years at colleges and universities, including Emerson College, AIB at Lesley University, Union Institute & University, UMass Boston and Mass College of Art and Design, and now lives and works in North Adams, MA.

Her work can be seen in Joseph Carroll and Sons’ Boston Drawing Project, and in a group show at the Eclipse Mill Gallery in North Adams from Sept. 30-Oct. 29.  Also a poet and writer, Sutro writes articles and reviews for American Arts Quarterly. Her book of poetry, Etudes, came out in 2016 with Finishing Line Press, and her book of essays, COLORS: Passages through Art, Asia and Nature in 2010 with Blue Asia Press.

“After my first residency I continued to marvel how much fun we had while doing such serious work, and getting so much done,” she recalls.  “I met one of my best friends at BMC (in 1984), Judith Cohen; was thrilled to connect with Harriet; and in a subsequent residency, where I volunteered to clean out an old chicken house with Ben, still remember our response to the stench and dirt of the task: we ran all the way to the lake and jumped in!”


Since 1982, I have created watercolor/text series around contemporary issues in works such as Peace, Freedom, Act against Nuclear War, and Gun. Fragmented, changed objects transformed by weather, tides, or street life combine with text to startle and disrupt. Three images of an ongoing series, recently on view at the show inDivisible at the Eclipse Mill Gallery in North Adams, MA, examine truth and lies in the Trump era.

“Truth, Lies” watercolor and pencil



“Regulation” watercolor and pencil


“Warning”  watercolor and pencil



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