Scenes from the Women’s March

Scenes from the Women's March 4

Women’s March, January 21, 2017, New York City.  (Photo by Alice Attie.)

In addition to a half-million people on the National Mall rallying for a vision of America quite distinct from that of the Trump Administration,  Women’s Marches across the country drew three or four or five times as many people as expected.

Four hundred thousand were on hand in New York City, celebrated here in these photos by BMC alum Alice Attie, a visual artist and poet.

As many as 750,000 may have marched in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Daily News; 250,000 in Chicago; 175,000 in Seattle; 150,000-175,000 in Boston; 100-150,000 in San Francisco; 100,000 in St. Paul; 100,000 in Denver; 100,000 in Oakland; 100,000 in Portland; 75,000-100,000 in Madison; and many, many more in other cities and towns across the US and the world.




Scenes from the Women's March

Scenes from the Women's March 1

Scenes from the Women's March 2

Scenes from the Women's March 3

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