Political Revolution Continues in Jonathan Tasini’s New Podcast

Political Revolution Continues in Jonathan Tasini's New Podcast

Tasini and Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail.

BMC alum and frequent visitor Jonathan Tasini—who was a national surrogate for  the Bernie Sanders campaign and author of the book The Essential Bernie Sanders—recently launched a new Podcast The Working Life.  He describes it as,  “the political revolution delivered to you every week: politics, work, the economy, the voices of real workers (a segment devoted to workers and their jobs is going to be Studs Terkel-like…look it up if you don’t know the name), Robber Barons, corporate power, greed…you know, the light stuff. Plus, sports!”

You can listen the first one with Bernie Sanders here, and here’s a link to sponsor or support the project.

Tasini is a writer, organizational strategist, and an economics and political analyst.  He is the founder, editor and publisher of Working Life, a leading progressive blog on work and the economy and served as president of the National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981) for thirteen years.