From BMC to Lawrence of Arabia

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“BMC” by Carmen Einfinger

Carmen Einfinger grew up in Brazil before settling in New York City as an artist. In 2009, she won first prize in the International Competition of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk, Poland. In that same year, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY featured her as an artist in the museum’s “Bowery Artists Tribute”, a relationship that continues to this day. She was a featured artist in the Bilingual Art Magazine Cool with a profile that focuses on her philosophy, upbringing, and outlook on life.

“BMC was my first experience at an Art Residency,” she writes. “It offered me the opportunity to go back to the womb, a nest where I could be creative a 100 percent at all times. The sharing with other artists creates a type of communication that can easily push the boundaries of one’s work.”

Auto Draft 1“Bedtime Stories”


“The Family”


“The Boarding School”


“Lawrence of Arabia”


From BMC to Lawrence of Arabia

Carmen Einfinger at Blue Mountain Center