Farewell to Alan Stafford, a creative force at BMC

Farweell to Alan Stafford, a creative force at BMC

Photos by Rachel Ebora, a BMC alum who documented some of Alan’s memorable meals in 2012

 Head chef retiring after 11 delicious years in the kitchen 

After 11 years cooking for the BMC community, our head chef Alan Stafford has decided to step away from the stove. He recently informed us that he will be moving back to Boston this spring.

As many of you know, Alan has been an inspired and often inspiring creative in the BMC kitchen.  He has accommodated a wide variety of dietary needs with thoughtful imagination. What is probably hidden from Residents’ eyes are the many other ways in which his diligence has served the Center.  Alan  created meals that incorporated the most fresh and natural foods available to our remote location. He worked closely with the morning kitchen staff, sharing with them a commitment to cleanliness and community satisfaction, maintaining a professionalism that would put many NYC chefs to shame.

Alan set a high standard with that professionalism for every hour of his 11 years at BMC.  He gave gifts not only of cuisine but also of flowers, humor and broad-ranging intelligence.  When we got behind on current affairs, it was he who could be turned to for an update.

To say that we will miss Alan is both an understatement and a misrepresentation of his contribution.  Yes, there will be a new cook.  But Alan’s legacy will be a living one.  Our garden is more beautiful because of him.  Our kitchen organization is more rational and health-preserving because of him.  Our understanding of how to be both creative and responsible accessing food for an institution is deeper because of him.  Our sense of what constitutes a great meal is richer…because of Alan. 

I know you join the current and past BMC staff in thanking Alan for  the wonderful work he has done to enrich our experience of life at the Center. If you would like to be in touch with Alan directly, please write to him at BMC (PO Box 109, BML, NY 12812) and we will forward his mail once he is settled in Boston.

Farweell to Alan Stafford, a creative force at BMC 1


Farweell to Alan Stafford, a creative force at BMC 2


Farweell to Alan Stafford, a creative force at BMC 3

9 comments on “Farewell to Alan Stafford, a creative force at BMC

  • Alice Gordon says:

    What a fond and beautiful farewell, Harriet. Alan surely will surely pack a lot of love in his suitcase.

  • jackie sumell says:

    Alan! Bon Voyage and wellness. THANK YOU for the kindness, patience and magic you put into every meal!

  • Wow, what a lovely tribute and what a delicious legacy Alan is leaving behind. His passion for food and gardening at BMC were palpable. In Boston, Michal and I would love to keep in touch with him. May be he can write to us once he lands here? He is leaving big shoes to fill.
    Anuradha and Michael

  • The food at BLUE is such a core part of the experience, especially all of the gorgeous desserts (which many of us only have when we are in residence, making them extra special). Thanks for being there all those years, Alan. Best wishes in Boston.

  • Alan’s delicious meals were looked forward to every day at BMC. Dining together – with his food as catalyst – was such a centerpiece of the energy and creativity generated there during my stays. Fond, fond memories . Best wishes, Alan! And thank you, Harriet, for this lovely tribute.

  • John Provost says:

    Alan, not only was it a pleasure to partake of your wonderful food, it was also quite enjoyable to sneak a peek during the day of your preparation and creative process and catch a bit of your droll sense of humor. I wish you all the best in Boston.

  • The true loss of this departure will be that the “Maestro of Magical Meals”will not be able to conjure up those culinary conquests for WINDCALL residents in the future. They will never know the joy vested in creme-de-la-creme, or chocolate sauce etched with butter, or the shear delight of a cobbler warmed with “secret sauce” drooling down the sides, or the taste of turkey – real turkey, prepared by the Master’s hand. He leaves with the love and longing for an encore from me. Jazz pieces we both appreciated will forever mean more. Boston strong, for real! Maureen Taylor

  • Oh, Alan, you will be missed! The BMC experience was made richer, better, and (of course!) more delicious because of you. Enjoy your adventures in Boston!!

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