Army Vet Finds Peace in Interactive Performance

Army Vet Finds Peace in Interactive Performance

Story has always been the beating heart of theater. In Aaron Hughes’ hands, that art has been fused with one of the world’s oldest beverages, resulting in a remarkable theater piece called simply Tea.

Noam Chomsky on Saving the Commons

Noam Chomsky on Saving the Commons

Not long ago, we commemorated the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta—commemorating, but not celebrating; rather, mourning the blows it has suffered.

The first authoritative scholarly edition of Magna Carta was published by the eminent jurist William Blackstone in 1759. It was no easy task. As he wrote, “the body of the charter has been unfortunately gnawn by rats”—a comment that carries grim symbolism today, as we take up the task the rats left unfinished.

Blackstone’s edition actually includes two charters: the Great Charter and the Charter of the Forest. The former is generally regarded as the foundation of Anglo-American law—in Winston Churchill’s words, referring to its reaffirmation by Parliament in 1628, “the charter of every self-respecting man at any time in any land.” The Great Charter held that “No freeman shall be arrested or imprisoned,” or otherwise harmed, “except by the lawful judgment of his equals and according to the law of the land,” the essential sense of the doctrine of “presumption of innocence.”

The Ultimate End-of-Life Plan

The Ultimate End-of-Life Plan

My mother died shortly before her 85th birthday, in a quiet hospital room in Connecticut. One of my brothers was down the hall, calling me in California to say, too late, that it was time to jump on a plane. We were not a perfect family. She did not die a perfect death. But she died a “good-enough” death, thanks to choices she made earlier that seemed brutal at the time.

How Climate Change Affects Iran

The Role of Spiritual Faith in Overcoming Climate Change

I’m going to get one thing out of the way right away, which is to say what this 350 number is all about. It stands for the safe level of carbon in the atmosphere. It’s fun to say parts per million in church.

Coming of Age in the Time of the Hoodie

Coming of Age in the Time of the Hoodie

Earlier this year I decided to read Joe Brainard’s cult classic, I Remember. The book had long intrigued me for I had heard that it was widely taught in creative writing courses and was a favorite of many authors, including several well-known authors whose work I admire. I was immediately drawn to Brainard’s style, each line starting with the words “I remember.” As I read it, I found myself jotting down remembrances of my own, complementing Brainard’s memories of America with my memories of Nigeria.

Stop, Thief: Resisting Attacks on the Commons 1

Stop, Thief: Resisting Attacks on the Commons

We’re losing the ground of our subsistence to the privileged and the mighty. With the theft of our pensions, houses, universities, and land, people all over the world cry, Stop Thief! and start to think about the commons and act in its name.

But what is the commons? Its 21st century meaning is emerging from the darkness of centuries past.

Labor Troubadour Tackles Climate Change 1

Labor Troubadour Tackles Climate Change

Joe Uehlein, a former AFL-CIO official who now is President of the Labor Network for Sustainability, kicked off the final session of this year’s Just Giving conference—a summit of sorts bringing forward-looking foundations and activists under one roof to explore winning strategies for a green, equitable economy.

Does Capitalism Need Fine-Tuning or an Overhaul? 1

Does Capitalism Need Fine-Tuning or an Overhaul?

The catalyst for a recent column by David Brooks was a speech delivered by his New York Times colleague Anand Giridharadas at the Aspen Action Forum. Giridharadas (who writes the Letter From America column for the Times’ global edition) questioned the “Aspen Consensus” that the wealthy and powerful, the benefactors of the Aspen Institute, could …