Broken Ark

Broken Ark

“Broken Ark.”

Pamela Blotner is an artist, educator and curator. In her Berkeley studio, she creates sculptures and drawings reflecting on humankind’s relationship to nature, animals, mythology, and humanity. Her early experiences as a sculptor/illustrator for the Houston Zoological Gardens, in Houston, Texas, set her creative course and her later work with Human Rights Watch, Physicians for Human Rights, “Art for Conservation” and “The Leatherback Trust” continue to influence her aesthetic and practice. Her sculpture, drawings and installations have been exhibited in Europe, Asia, Africa and throughout the United States.

“I really enjoyed my residencies at BMC, where I actually had quite a breakthrough with the first “Broken Ark” drawing,” she says. “I’d been working on a series of drawings and sculptures involving world mythology, especially animism and Creation myths. I had been given the beautiful boathouse studio to work in and felt surrounded by water and delighted by a large turtle, two river otters, a beaver and a loon, all of whom seemed to visit that studio regularly.”

Below in order:  “Broken Ark III”, “Broken Ark II” and “Broken Ark”.