Climbing PoeTree Performs at DC Women’s March

Spoken Word Duo Performs at DC Women's March 2

Alixa Garcia (left) and Naimi Penniman sing “Love Will Triumph” to a massive crowd.

BMC alum Alixa Garcia is Co-Creator (with Naima Penniman) of Climbing PoeTree, an internationally renowned activist, multimedia theater, popular education and spoken word duo out of Brooklyn. She is also a short story writer, poet, painter, graphic designer, producer, film editor, and curriculum developer committed to social and environmental justice with a race, class and gender analysis. Garcia has facilitated workshops and performances in hundreds of venues from Harvard University to Rikers Island Prison, and toured across the US as well as in South Africa, Mexico, Cuba and the UK.

“The week I arrived at BMC, I had traveled to 4 states in 6 days,” Garcia says of last year’s residency. “I thought that I would be catching up on some well-deserved sleep upon arrival, but to my surprise I barely needed rest at all. It was as if the land itself had taken all of my exhaustion.”

Climbing PoeTree—the spoken word/hip hop duo featuring BMC alum Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman—played at the Women’s March in DC January 21.  They performed “Love Will Triumph”, which was released as a single and video the day before to bear witness to the inauguration of Donald Trump as president.

“We have been working really hard to put out positive art and resources in the last few days,” Garcia says.

Describing what it felt like to be on the National Mall in front of 400,000 people, she said, “It was the craziest event we have ever done to date! It was an honor to share the stage with many of the folks who spoke and performed there.”

In addition to the new single from their forthcoming album INTRINSIC, they released an earlier video “We Survived” while participating in environmental protests at Standing Rock, North Dakota.

Climbing PoeTree also debuted their Solution Spotlight website on Inauguration Day to share inspiring actions and resources they discover in their travels around the country. Everyone is invited to contribute solutions to the site.

Proclaiming that “”Art is our Weapon, Our Medicine, Our Voice, Our Vision”, Climbing PoeTree performs around the US and abroad.

Alixa Garcia from the new video “Love Will Triumph”