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It Can't Happen Here 3

Another Look at an Uncomfortably Relevant 1935 Novel

A book artist reimagines Sinclair Lewis’s classic

Movement for Free College Tuition is Growing

Movement for Free College Tuition is Growing

From Louisiana to Kalamazoo to New York State, free tuition programs are popping up

Life During

Day Zero: Life During Cape Town’s Epic Drought

Blame games, conservation and anxiety in a city about to run out of water


This Town’s Comeback May Be Squelched by Anti-Immigrant Policies

How cities across New York benefit from New Americans explored at BMC convenings

Speak Out

It's Criminal: Prison Inmates and Ivy League Students Create a Play Together

Inmates & Ivy Leaguers Create a Play Together

New film It’s Criminal documents unusual collaboration about prison life

Widening the discussion about Immigrants

Broadening the Discussion about Immigration

NIRV: A project equipping New Americans to tell their own stories

Our Four

Our Four Years

The future does not belong to Trump and his allies


Launching BMC’s Harriet Barlow Residency

Help us raise $100,000 to honor Harriet—and foster a more just world

Jane Eyre was Underage

Jane Eyre was Underage

A new look at a beloved fictional character through the lens of personal experience